Computer Cut Models POETRY RINGS


Rosemary... St. Petersburg, Flordia
Ladies Band Gents Band
Rosemary says "This design is a triquetra formed by two interwoven parallel lines. The two parallel lines are used to represent one individual's life and his or her relationship to a loved one, interwoven yet separate. Each triquetra also represents the forces of nature: earth, air and water. Later the triquetra was interpreted as the Holy Trinity. The interwoven lines promote strength of friendship and love. It is found on the Donaghmore Cross. Co. Tyrone."
Two Bands

Luis & Claudia... Cordova, TN
Luis Avila Claudia Hurst 2...4...
two bands

Joe... Pleasant Hills, PA
size 7 celtic key rings size 13

Cole... Tracy, Ca
Alysson you are my heart I love you

Jessica... Scott City, Kansas
Matt and / always and  Jessica / love you 5-18-99 / forever (heart) I'll
Jessica Rick Doug

Rachael... New Windsor, New York
Rachael says "The poetry is mine. I got the lines from a poem I wrote about commuting with my boyfriend.
We work just north of NYC, and traffic is always heavy with frustration.
However, we always found solace in the spring and late winter sunsets on our way home,
and that is what the poem is about."
We burn with / see and hear the stars, above / only we can painted skies / Whispering  oceans

Felicia... Tallahassee, Flordia
felicia ti amo be with me

Rikki & Eli... Greenville, Texas
together forever as one

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Computer Cut Models POETRY RINGS

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