Computer Cut Models POETRY RINGS


Glenn and Clarissa .... Salt Lake City, Utah

Bolder Opal Ring

Picture of the opal (the white line in the center of the opal is a reflection)

The opal setting on a ring blank (with some index lines)
The outline of the opal has a positive offset for the bezel and a negative offset for the stone seat

Tool paths for the seat and to isolate the bezel setting

The thru cut paths (the ring will be hollow underneath the opal)

layout of the design (without index lines)
size 6 ring with a 4mm shank

The next step is to cut the wax
The bezel outline and stone seat will cut as 3x tool paths (stationary rotary axis)
and the 'thru' paths will be cut in a cylindrical frame (the x axis is converted into angles)

Then the shank will be sculpted by hand.
It may be necessary (easier) to modify the drawing and
recut the wax if the wax does not turn out as expected

An alternate to sculpting the shank by hand would be to
draw an end view of the ring, extrude it and then cut the ring surface (shank)
but for the sake of convience (time & money) it's quicker to shape the ring by hand

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Computer Cut Models POETRY RINGS

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