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80th Birthday Party


We were going to Sandusky to have a party at a restaurant and were running on Paula Time.
(Paula time is usually 15minutes late)
Paula and Jack are taking about the Amherst Park as we drive past the the freeway enterence.
Then we turn into the Park.... Mom is getting MAD.... "I'm not getting out of the *** Car"
After a few minutes we finally convinced her to walk to the park building

About here she finally realizes what is going on....

She has better eyesight than I do... and sees the sign...

and pictures on the door.

All she says is Aw ***

The first one inside the door is Gale
She says "I just knew you'd be here....."

And Away We Go....


Birthday Cake

Bird Houses - Karen Branded 12 of these


Pendants - I made 22 of these

After the party... Man That was Work... and nothing to drink?

These pictures were taken by Becky... or Glen
The party would not have been possible without Paula
Glen and Karen made the sign and branding iron
And the rest of us helped out whenever we could....

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